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Deluxe Power Driver Hide Poles with Footplate plus 4m Stealth Camo Net
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New and improved power driver hide poles. Even lighter without compromising the strength of the poles. No other company sell these as these are my own design. The 8" spike is fluted so you get maximum grip and they don't spin. Some other companyies claim to design them but they don't, designed for pPigeon Shooter by the Pigeon Shooter.

Buy our Power Driver Hide Poles and 4m Camouflage Net together,
These poles give an extensive range from between 4ft - 6ft 6in. These are the highest and strongest hide poles EVER! They come with a solid footplate kicker. These poles are by far the best on the market and will not bend.

Set of 4 hide poles with footplates and Twistloc ,in green 4ft 6"- 6ft and are very strong - not like some that are made from alloy that always bend.

Please note these are not your normal poles they do not have a 6mm bolt drilled through which automatically weakens it.These are extra light power driver poles casting which includes 5" fluted spike to give maximum grip with the benefit of no spinning.

Comes with 4m Stealth Net.
Introducing the most advanced Camouflage netting on the market.
Aptly named "Stealth Camo" this net is an unbelieveable advance in concealment technology. It measures 4 metres x 1.5 metres - more than enough for a roomy hide. Given its size the net still compacts down incredibly well and is also very light in weight making it a delight to use. The best feature of the net is the pattern and texture. Printed in British Forces camo and die cut to produce a 3 dimensional leaf effect, the net literally disappears when set against a hedge. The netting is also non-snagging so you won't ever snag your gun barrels in it! Even better it’s dead easy to see out of from the inside making for less unseen birds.

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